cResults provides all the services you need to succeed with your Smart-QX platform.

We help you learn, implement and manage your software solution. With over a decade of experience, we have optimized the approach needed to implement our suite of software solutions. Optimize your quality operation with our suite of products and drive your organization toward operational excellence Contact us and let’s discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.

Services to help you achieve your business goals

With the support of our implementation partners, out team provides a range of services, including:

Implementation: Over the past decade, we have optimized the implementation approach to our suite of products and added tools such as Data Collection Wizard to facilitate the implementation process as well as provide our client with an efficient way to collect the required information and configure the system. We are using implementation partners to better support our clients worldwide. The implementation involves WebEx and on-site workshops as well as structured excel based templates where applicable.
Training and Consulting: Our professional service team, augmented by our trained implementation partners, provides the needed training to become self-sufficient in maintaining our suite of products. We offer consulting services post-implementation to help our customers to further improve their operation, enhance their operating model, and leverage the information being collected and captured using our products.
Customer support: we provide 24/7 technical support via our support team in the US and India. Technical support is available to help you troubleshoot any issue and address challenges post-implementation. We use WebEx and other means to work with you to ensure our product is fully supporting your business needs and goals.
Clouds and hosting services: Our solutions are hosted on Amazon Cloud, one of the most flexible, scalable and reliable cloud providers. We offer full-service solutions for backup and updates/new releases.